Friday , March 27th 2020
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Luanxu 38 mm Roller Shades Clutch for 1 1/2″ Tube Fitting Parts Repair Kit Complete with Metal Brackets, Chain and Child Safety Clip, Shade Weight Max Load 16.5 LBS (7.5 KG)

Product Features:

    [Brand Name] Luanxu[Item NO.] # LX-09[Window Treatment] For 38 mm(1-1/2") Roller Shade System[Color] White[Function]1. Clutch: 38 mm (1-1/2") Reduction Ratio 1: 1.55, Save 30% of Pulling Power, Fit with 4.8*6 (4.5*6)mm Bead Chain   2. End Plug: Rotary Rebound Type,Easy to Install3. Bracket: 2.0 mm Metal Bracket4. Max Load: 16.5 LBS (7.5 KG)5.Application:Home & Office, School, etc. [Package]◆ 1 pair x Roller Clutch◆1 pair x Metal Bracket◆1…
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Product Description

[Brand Name] Luanxu

[Item NO.] # LX-09

[Window Treatment] For 38 mm(1-1/2″) Roller Shade System

[Color] White


1. Clutch: 38 mm (1-1/2″) Reduction Ratio 1: 1.55, Save 30% of Pulling Power, Fit with 4.8*6 (4.5*6)mm Bead Chain   

2. End Plug: Rotary Rebound Type,Easy to Install

3. Bracket: 2.0 mm Metal Bracket

4. Max Load: 16.5 LBS (7.5 KG)

5.Application:Home & Office, School, etc.



◆ 1 pair x Roller Clutch

◆1 pair x Metal Bracket

◆1 piece x Child Safety Clip

◆ 2 pieces x Connectors

◆ 3 meters x Bead Chain

◆ 5 pieces x Screws & Anchors


CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.


Product Features

  • 【Advantage】Universal Clutch: Metal Core Mandril, Better Than Plastic Core Mandril, Make it Durable And Long Operating Life. The Internal Spring and Gear System Save 30% of Power When Pulling a Shade Up or Down.
  • 【Mounting】End plug: Rotary Rebound Type, Easy to Install. 2 x Strong White Metal Bracket-Face, Top, or Side Mounting
  • 【Usage】 For 38mm Roller Blind Shade System Upgrade or Repair Kit, Fits 38 mm ( 1-1/2″) Tube, Shade Weight Max Load 16.5 LBS (7.5 KG), Suitable for Engineer Project.
  • 【Safety】Presented Child Safety Device , Which can Eliminate the Free-Hanging Loop and Reduce the Risk of Strangulation.
  • 【Package】 Blind Clutch, Metal Brackets, Pull Bead Chain, Connectors, Child Safety Clip, Screws & Anchors